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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Last weekend I drove up to Scotland to meet Lukasz for a fell running shoot as he is currently keen to expand his portfolio. I’d left at 4 in the morning and arrived at around 10am, and was quickly informed we’d be hiking up a fair distance on to the Ballachulish Horseshoe, and I’d be carrying up a stepladder…

The weather turned as we were driving towards the bottom of the hill, and deciding that it was worth a try we headed up regardless. We got very wet very quickly, and nearly blown off the mountain by the excessive winds. Lukasz decided against putting up the flash umbrellas and the softbox as they would have had more of a parachute effect than we could have handled. The video below shows what the conditions were like, and the title image gives you a good idea of the state of my lens at the time.



After the cold, windy, unsuccessful day I spent the night at the Glencoe Youth Hostel, and woke up early to head back to the Lake District. On the way the weather changed for the better, and over the course of the trip the light improved drastically. I pulled over on Rannoch Moor to take a few shots which I think turned out alright.




Overall the trip was a real success for me. I learnt a lot, got a few photos and spent my weekend in the mountains. What more can you ask for?