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Monthly Archives: February 2011

It has again, been a while since I last posted. This is mostly due to my dissertation and two major film projects for university. As of May 31st I will have submitted everything and will finally be free. It has been a tough few years in terms of work, and this academic year has been particularly tricky. Juggling the final year of my degree and my internship with Lukasz has left me with very little spare time, but I have enjoyed the last few months more than I can possibly describe.

I am aware that once I finish my course I will be heading out into the big bad world, and I will have to start earning money, paying tax and apparently grow up. (The latter is something I plan on avoiding for as long as possible). I have therefore been doing shed loads of research into the industry I am going to hopefully work in, and the content that as being produced, as well as trying to learn as much as possible about improving my media output. This has involved watching a lot of short films. I think it is fair to say that the diversity of quality is huge, and I have definitely found a few that could tip me onto the slippy slope of thinking ‘why should I even bother when people are producing this sort of thing?’ I manage to stay positive however, and instead find myself with the attitude that one day I will either match or better the videos that I aspire to produce now.

The two videos below are two of my current favourites. The first is a short parkour team film that is produced using DSLRs on a very low budget. The second film is a much higher budget kiteboarding production that uses DLSRs as well as Red cameras. They are both worth checking out, and whilst they are made in completely different environments, are equally stunning.

Storm Freerunning

Addikt 2 Kiteboarding