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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Well, it has been an inexcusable amount of time since my last post. I feel as in someway I can justify it, but still, longer than a month is ridiculous. I have been incredibly busy though. I have not really stopped moving and working since the last week of June. Since then I have photographed at the British Bouldering Championships, filmed a day of the World Bouldering Championships;

IFSC Boulder World Cup 2010 from Matt Pycroft on Vimeo.

filmed and edited a short film about Skyler Weekes breaking the world dyno record for the fourth time, spent two weeks climbing in Fontainebleau,

did my first day of wedding photography,¬†edited another short film and researched my dissertation. All in all a hectic, but incredible month. The past month has also definitely been the most important of my career so far. I have made some great new contacts and with any luck will be working with some of them in the future. For now though I have to work on balancing producing as high quality media as I’m capable of doing at the moment, making contacts and networking and ensuring I do as well in my degree as I can. I will post again over the next few days. I have very exciting news, but am awaiting confirmation…