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Well, I have spent the last 48 hours glued to my macbook. It has been raining here in the Lake District and I have occupied my time with hours of film based research and stewed homegrown rhubarb!

There are a few adventure film production companies that have really caught my eye over the last few months, and I took this rainy opportunity to explore thoroughly what they are doing, as well as trying to get a glimpse of how they do it. I have taken over 150 screenshots over the last two days, and after sorting them into folders have come up with a bit of a schedule for the next two or three weeks. For our final film project for our second year of university, a friend of mine built a plywood dolly that would enable us to capture some shots that would have otherwise been shaky and unusable. This initial creation was the inspiration for the research I have carried out.  I don’t want to say much more than that really, other than that I imagine I will create a right mess and will likely cover the neighbor’s barn in shed loads of sawdust and aluminium filings! I will upload photos and videos of the projects as they are carried out.


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